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TRIFIRE Explosion cage


Empty and closed containers such as aerosol cans explode very quickly when heated up – and therefore also in a fire. This can be demonstrated under safe conditions in TRIFIRE’s explosion cage, which catches any fragments and directs the pressure upwards.

Please note!
All explosions are dangerous. TRIFIRE’s explosion cage and aerosol cans must be used with caution and at your own risk. Please make sure to keep a safety distance of at least 20 metres. Explosions can never be fully controlled. All TRIFIRE explosion cages are provided with a mounted safety shielding which catches any fragments of the explosion. Despite this, on rare occasions an aerosol can might explode in such an unfortunate manner that fragments are flung out of the cage. However, the risk is minimized when using TRIFIRE’s special explosion aerosol cans and keeping the proper safety distance.

TRIFIRE offers a 10 year warranty on the body work and chassis,
on burners and props.

Height: 550 mm
Width: Ø 220 mm
Length/Depth: –
Weight: 5 kg